About Company

PANEGARA was founded 20 years ago in Portugal and has gained increasing consumer trust in Europe and worldwide ever since. Its offer includes products of international cuisine, such as top quality fruit purees made from exotic, rich in flavour fruits, or fruits in syrup.  

The quality of PANEGARA's products is regularly controlled and confirmed in tests and by certificates. Both the ingredients and the final products are tested before they reach the consumer, so the high quality and freshness of the products are the basis of the company's DNA. The products meet the highest criteria of hygiene and food safety and are certified by the most important accreditation institutions in Europe.

PANEGARA cooperates with the most advanced facilities processing fruits and vegetables in Europe, Asia and Latin America, that is why our products are of topmost quality and highest freshness of flavours.

PANEGARA embraces innovation in making of food products, to meet the ever-changing consumer expectations. It breaks stereotypes of flavours with non-standard combinations and makes the products more attractive. We define innovation also as sustainable development and high credibility of the PANEGARA products, confirmed with long-term, constantly-improved cooperation with many Clients.

Health of our consumers being our utmost priority, we strive to make our recipes less and less caloric and to guarantee the lowest Glycemic Index possible, while keeping the excellent taste of the products.

PANEGARA sells its products in its country of residence, Portugal, but also in Angola, Spain, the USA and Luxemburg. We focus on further, expansive development in European countries, hence our presence in Poland since September 2015 - hoping that Polish consumers will also fall in love with the PANEGARA products.

PANEGARA is a tried and tested partner in introducing new, exotic products on the market and its KOALA brand is one of the best-recognised brands, associated with fresh, unique taste of highly nutritive fruits, garnishes and products ready for consumption.

PANEGARA's offer is a perfect solution for restaurants and bars, as well as for the enthusiasts of home-made, healthy, low-caloric and exquisite dishes and drinks.